Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WP Mobile Splash Page Editor

The WP Mobile Splash Page Editor gives you unlimited control in terms of styling. There are several options that involve everything from the color to the logo design, and you can easily create a mobile splash page to meet the look and style of your WordPress site. In addition to providing you with a customizable splash page, there is also the dedication towards speed to make the page load quickly, and it also has no impact on your SEO as well.
    Easy to edit content
    Unlimited styling
    PageSpeed of 100/100
    Optimized for Mobile Internet
    Native Phone Features Support
This is a splash page editor, which helps the user create an instant page in order to attract more users to their site.
Because a splash page has to have an immediate appeal, the ability to customize and style it with limitless possibilities helps make this plugin useful for any developer, but only those looking to drive more traffic to their site through mobile devices.
Independent developers with this goal in mind can find good use out of this plugin as well as small agencies to help increase the traffic to several webpages.