Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mobile Smart Pro

The Mobile smart Pro plugin is used to allow web developers to easily customize their webpage for mobile devices. Once you have the plugin, each page and post will have the option of being adjusted for mobile pages, and you can add specific content to the mobile version of the page. In fact, you can even take things a step further by adding mobile-specific versions of the theme and mobile-specific menus.
    Mobile Device Detection
    Theme switching that moves to a mobile theme specified by the web developer
    Footer Switcher to switch between the mobile and desktop versions of the website
    Tablet mode that gives the ability to enable and disable an automatic switch for tablets such as iPad and Android tablets
    Developer features that include template tags to customize the theme for different devices. There is also the “unstyled” theme to keep the theme the same for different
Premium Features
    Domain switching that redirects users to the mobile version of your site, which requires you to change some of your DNS settings
    Mobile pages that give you mobile-specific text content and the same edit screen as the desktop content
    Mobile menus that allow you to set up mobile-specific menus to make navigation easier
This plugin has two versions and both are useful, but some of the key features of the plugin are only included in the premium version. This means that it has a cost.
For independent developers with very small and simple websites, there is no need for this plugin as the additional features won’t prove very useful. For developers of larger sites or a group of developers, the premium version of this plugin will allow for a greater amount of customization and optimization for a mobile site.
The plugin requires some coding experience and in depth knowledge of things such as DNS settings, so it should only be handled and used by a more experienced developer.