Friday, 17 May 2013

Advantages of PHP for Developing Interactive and Profitable Websites

With the growing eminence of web development service, PHP or Hypertext Pre-Processor has established its dominance. This open source scripting language is widely applied for developing more than twenty million websites and find applications in over millions of web servers till date. PHP facilitates custom web development and the language is available with many open source development like OS Commerce, Magneto, Zen Cart, Joomla, WordPress and others. Since this unique programming language has option for inbuilt memory optimisation, it can easily increase the processing speed of servers without overloading them. The main benefits of using PHP as a suitable platform for web development are as follows:

1. Impressive Visual Effect: The visual appearance of a webpage or web application is very important in terms of attracting more people, thereby enhancing the traffic for the website. PHP is excellent for creating eye-catching and stunning websites, which gives it a clear edge over its competitors.

2. User-friendly Platform: PHP provides a suitable platform for building quality web applications and web pages. PHP developers are easily available as many web developing companies supply experienced and skilled programmers for developing profitable websites.

3. Integrity with visual application technologies: PHP can be readily embedded into HTML. Dynamic visual applications, such as Ajax and Flash can be suitably integrated with PHP, increasing its competency for developing visually appealing websites.

4. Support to several databases: PHP supports different databases like Oracle, MySQL, Informix and others for successful building of websites.

5. Ease of coding: PHP developed websites require lesser amount of codes and use inbuilt memory. PHP based applications rarely gather outside object codes.

6. Attractive User Interface: GUI developed by PHP technology provides clear and useful information to the end users. The web applications can easily be integrated with payment gateway for the purpose of safe and smooth online transactions.

7. Enhanced efficiency: PHP is effective in reducing bugs, which increase the efficiency by deploying the project within stipulated time frame.

8. SEO friendly nature: Due to SEO friendly nature of PHP web development solution, the websites can earn higher rank on major search engines, thereby ensuring more traffic towards the site.

9. Greater reliability: most of the businesses of today trust PHP as reliable platform to develop both simple and complex web solutions. Even for incorporating heavy files, PHP can skilfully balance the loading time to ascertain user friendliness.

10. Cost effectiveness: Being an open-source technology, PHP waives off the cost incurred for licensing and upgradation. This reduces the overall development cost, except for the money needed to hire PHP developers. A huge number of developers are available in the market, who works with PHP technology. As a result, the hiring expense for a PHP programmer is comparatively cheaper.
There are numerous other features of PHP that immensely help in development of catchy websites. PHP is an excellent option for building websites to many of the online business owners to outclass everything in terms of designing, programming, availability, cost effectiveness or user friendliness. They should hire PHP developers, who can skilfully play with coding to display ultimate creativity in the websites for the prosperity of any business venture.

Advantages and role of PHP developers

Due to advancement in technology, the world is growing rapidly. The success of any business depends on the ways of promoting its products and services online. The demand depends on the gesture and posture of the business website. Therefore, Website Development plays an important role in attracting the visitors. There are numerous programming languages available in the market but PHP is the best from them and helps in creating powerful and dynamic websites as well as applications. To develop a professional website you must hire a web developer.
PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an HTML embedded scripting language which has an ability to create and develop powerful and dynamic websites and applications. PHP programmers can create tremendous attractive and eye-catching websites which will increase the visitors and hence the demand of your products and services. A website developed in PHP will have all those features that are ideal according to Google algorithms. Here are some of the features of a website developed in PHP:
    A website developed in PHP will run easily on any of the browser.
    A website will be created in a customized manner, which will showcase the business goals and target audience.
    Website will be easy to load and user friendly.
Due to all these advantages of PHP, most of the companies are choosing PHP for the development of their website. PHP Development plays an important role in development of websites. Hiring PHP developer for website development proves to be the best financial decision for every organization, as these websites convince the customers. A PHP developer which you hire will be dedicated to your project and will offer the best possible results.
Here are the advantages of hiring PHP developers:
    Highly skilled and well educated
    Dedicated performance
    Reduces development cost
    Co-operative and fast response
    Advanced technical knowledge which is beneficial for website
    Daily report or according your own need
    Work at low cost
    Dedicated only to your project


E Tips for PHP web Development

Creating and developing a website and bringing it online to make it online is not enough for any business. If an organization really wants to gain its business and wants to draw the attention of customers then they need to develop not just a website but an interactive and a robust website. The interactivity of the website and the way you promote matters a lot for every business. To do so web application comes into action.
hese applications help to make your businesses safe and reliable. These applications are developed by using various scripting languages. The most popular open source programming language is PHP, which is used to create online web applications. There are many tools and frameworks developed by PHP developers which enhanced the process of PHPDevelopment.

Benefits of PHP Development:

    It reduces the amount of coding required for developing huge applications.
    PHP supports all the major servers such as Microsoft, Netscape, iPlanet servers and apache.
    PHP offers excellent efficiency by its fast data processing features.
    Website developed using PHP functions includes fast data processing features
    PHP syntax is similar to those of C and C++ languages
    PHP can be easily embedded into HTML
    PHP has low development and maintenance cost
    PHP is more secure and reliable programming language
    PHP supports open source programming which is free of cost

Tips for effective PHP web development:

    Effective and less coding
Large codes are more complex so it is advisable to opt minimum coding as there can be errors. Sort codes are error free and are also easy to maintain. Moreover it saves time while debugging and are easy to customize. It is easy and hassle free to edit the code at a later stage.
    Save and use the same script in future
Once you have developed the script or coding of a particular web page then you can save its script which you can use it in future just by making some of the corrections or editing as per the requirement. This would save your energy and time as there would be no need to write a new string of codes from the starting point. Moreover this would reduce the mistakes as you have already used these earlier.
    Rely on the updated versions of Text- Editors
PHP developers must make use of higher versions of text editors such as Dreamweaver, EditPlus2 , PHPEdit etc as it will save your time.
    Maintain Daily Back ups
It would be really a drastic situation if you will lose all the codings accidentally which you have made in the past by spending so much of time. Therefore, it is necessary to create a back up for all your codings which you have made it till now and update it regularly.