Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A New Plugin to Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

Responsive WordPress design is all the rage these days.
More and more folk are accessing the web via tablets and smartphones, and WordPress designers are scrambling to make themes that can gracefully adapt to smaller screens.
If you’re not quite ready to abandon the non-responsive WordPress theme that you’re currently using, but still want to make your site more mobile-friendly, you might consider the WP Mobile Detector Plugin, written by the team at Websitez.
What it does
    Detects whether your WordPress site is being accessed on a) a smartphone or b) a regular mobile device.
    Automatically loads your site with a mobile-friendly theme of your choice (your original theme still displays when your site is accessed from a normal computer).
    When your site is viewed on a regular cell phone, the plugin disables all images and advanced HTML, for quicker loading and less hassle.
    If viewed on a smartphone, the plugin resizes any images that are too large to display properly.
    Offers mobile analytics – you can track the stats of your mobile visitors and see what kind of devices they’re using (smartphone or regular cellphone).
The idea is that everyone who accesses your WordPress site gets a customized version that’s best suited to the device they’re using.
WP Mobile Detector comes in two flavors: Free (available in the WordPress Plugin Directory), and Premium (available for download at Websitez for $49.95).
What you get in the free version
    Mobile analytics
    A choice of seven mobile-ready WordPress themes, built on the jQuery Mobile Framework. (These come pre-installed with the plugin, but you can add as many more themes as you want).
What you get in the paid version
Everything in the free version, plus:
    An additional two pre-installed themes (for a total of nine)
    Mobile ad support, so any advertising on your WordPress site can be optimized for a mobile audience
    A theme editor that allows you to customize your mobile themes (change colors, add logos etc)