Tuesday, 18 February 2014

dot net and asp dotnet interview questions

Welcome to .Net  Interview Questions area. These questions are designed to provide a better understanding of Microsoft technologies such as .Net environment, .Net Framework , vb.net , c# , asp.net , sql server etc. Take time to review the common interview questions you will most likely to be asked. These Questions will often link to more detailed information.


 .Net Environment – Interview Questions

  • Difference between a Debug and Release build

  • Difference between normal DLL and .Net DLL

  • What is an Interface

  • Difference between Abstract Class and Interface

  • Difference between a thread and a process

  • What is .Net Delegates

  • Differences between a control and a component

  • Differences between Stack and Heap

  • What is .Net Reflection

  • Globalization and Localization

  • What is .Net serialization

  • Difference between web service and .net remoting

  • Difference between managed and unmanaged code

  • Difference between Shallow copy and Deep copy

  • Use of System.Environment Class


ADO.Net – Interview Questions

  • What are the advantage of ADO.Net

  • Differences between classic ADO and ADO.NET

  • What are managed providers

  • difference between Dataset and DataReader

  • How to ADO.Net Connection Pooling

  • How to Transaction in ADO.NET

  • What is ADO.Net Locking

  • Difference between SqlCommand and SqlCommandBuilder

  • Difference between Typed DataSets and UnTyped DataSets


.Net Framework – Interview Questions

  • Difference between NameSpace and Assembly

  • Execution process for managed code

  • What is an Asssembly Qualified Name

  • How to Assembly versioning

  • Add and remove an assembly from GAC

  • What is Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)?

  • How to force Garbage Collection

  • Difference between CType and DirectCast

  • Obsolete or Deprecated in NET Framework

  • What is lazy initialization

  • Difference between Clone and Copy

  • Difference between Finalize() and Dispose()

  • Difference between static and constant


 .Net General – Interview Questions

  • Difference between a Value Type and a Reference Type

  • System level Exceptions Vs Application level Exceptions

  • Difference between sub-procedure and function

  • What does the term immutable mean

  • What does the keyword static mean

  • this.close() Vs Application.Exit()

  • Difference between a.Equals(b) and a == b

  • Difference between Hashtable and Dictionary

  • Difference between Exception and Error

  • C# Dictionary Versus List Lookup Time

  • Difference between the Class and Interface in C#


Asp.Net – Interview Questions

  • What is IIS – Internet Information Server

  • What is Virtual Directory

  • What is HttpHandler

  • Page Directives in Asp.Net

  • What is a postback

  • What is IsPostBack

  • What is global.asax

  • Difference between Machine.config and web.config

  • Difference between HTML control and Web Server control

  • What is Query String

  • Difference between Authentication and Authorization

  • How to secure Connection Strings

  • What is ASP.Net tracing

  • Passing values between Asp.Net pages

  • Differentiate between client side validation and server side validation

dot net and asp dotnet interview questions