Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Use Joomla & Joomla Extensions to Build any kind of Website

Website technologies are ever-changing which would put the beginners and novice in tailspin. By the time a newbie gets to the roots of a particular technology, the world would have gone few steps ahead by leaving the newbie stuttering.
Website owners are the most confused than the web developers in choosing the right technology to develop their websites. They do not have any choice but to depend on the opinion of web developers. But it is desirable for the website owners also to get the basics of web development technologies just to strengthen their decision making capabilities.
Having said this let us look at the most popular website development technologies that are contemporary and present.
If you are an aspiring website owner that wants to build the most attractive but easy-to-operate online literary website or a commercial one to make few bucks or an information website that talks about corpulence and diet plans, you require to opt for the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies called Content Management Systems (CMS).
There are certain CMS tools like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal which have garnered enough attention from the web developers and owners alike. By knowing that these are three top notch web building technologies, your work is simplified to choosing one of them. But would that really be an effortless decision?
Not at all!
You have to know the most suitable solution that works well with the scheme that you have drawn for your web venture. It should allow you to climb the ladder of future requirements with its impeccable scalability. It should support you with unbroken links, simple navigation and functionality. It must be versatile enough to integrate many third party plug-INS that would run business for you.
In this write-up we are talking about Joomla, the most popular CMS tool and would discuss in detail about it.
This is the first part of 3 part series that deals with start-to-end of Joomla CMS with an intention of helping you to build a website of your selection.
In this part you would be reading about Joomla, how to get started with Joomla and its extensions that help you in creating following type of websites:
    Social Networking/Community Website
    Photo Sharing Website
    Travel Website
    Classified Ad Portal
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