Friday, 17 May 2013

Advantages of PHP for Developing Interactive and Profitable Websites

With the growing eminence of web development service, PHP or Hypertext Pre-Processor has established its dominance. This open source scripting language is widely applied for developing more than twenty million websites and find applications in over millions of web servers till date. PHP facilitates custom web development and the language is available with many open source development like OS Commerce, Magneto, Zen Cart, Joomla, WordPress and others. Since this unique programming language has option for inbuilt memory optimisation, it can easily increase the processing speed of servers without overloading them. The main benefits of using PHP as a suitable platform for web development are as follows:

1. Impressive Visual Effect: The visual appearance of a webpage or web application is very important in terms of attracting more people, thereby enhancing the traffic for the website. PHP is excellent for creating eye-catching and stunning websites, which gives it a clear edge over its competitors.

2. User-friendly Platform: PHP provides a suitable platform for building quality web applications and web pages. PHP developers are easily available as many web developing companies supply experienced and skilled programmers for developing profitable websites.

3. Integrity with visual application technologies: PHP can be readily embedded into HTML. Dynamic visual applications, such as Ajax and Flash can be suitably integrated with PHP, increasing its competency for developing visually appealing websites.

4. Support to several databases: PHP supports different databases like Oracle, MySQL, Informix and others for successful building of websites.

5. Ease of coding: PHP developed websites require lesser amount of codes and use inbuilt memory. PHP based applications rarely gather outside object codes.

6. Attractive User Interface: GUI developed by PHP technology provides clear and useful information to the end users. The web applications can easily be integrated with payment gateway for the purpose of safe and smooth online transactions.

7. Enhanced efficiency: PHP is effective in reducing bugs, which increase the efficiency by deploying the project within stipulated time frame.

8. SEO friendly nature: Due to SEO friendly nature of PHP web development solution, the websites can earn higher rank on major search engines, thereby ensuring more traffic towards the site.

9. Greater reliability: most of the businesses of today trust PHP as reliable platform to develop both simple and complex web solutions. Even for incorporating heavy files, PHP can skilfully balance the loading time to ascertain user friendliness.

10. Cost effectiveness: Being an open-source technology, PHP waives off the cost incurred for licensing and upgradation. This reduces the overall development cost, except for the money needed to hire PHP developers. A huge number of developers are available in the market, who works with PHP technology. As a result, the hiring expense for a PHP programmer is comparatively cheaper.
There are numerous other features of PHP that immensely help in development of catchy websites. PHP is an excellent option for building websites to many of the online business owners to outclass everything in terms of designing, programming, availability, cost effectiveness or user friendliness. They should hire PHP developers, who can skilfully play with coding to display ultimate creativity in the websites for the prosperity of any business venture.